Virtual Seed Swap 2022

Welcome to the 10th Annual Seed Swap hosted by the Brampton Horticultural Society.

Everything is opening back up, but unfortunately not in time for our Seedy Saturday. Thus, it is virtual once again this year.

What a virtual seed swap means is that the seeds have already been saved, collected, sorted and packaged. The only thing that remains is for the seeds to be placed in gardeners’ hands for them to be planted in this year’s gardens. You can request up to 5 seed packets.

All of our seeds have been grown, saved and packed by members of our Society with a donation from Seeds of Diversity. It is our aim to offer you Heirloom and Heritage seeds but we are not able to guarantee that they are not Hybrid [F1].

Who can participate?

In the spirit of sharing, the Brampton Horticultural Society has decided to open the virtual seed swap to anyone in Canada, but we ask that only one request per household be made.

How does it work?

To request your seeds, first browse through the list of available seeds. You then need to fill out the form embedded below. Please enter your five choices and up to three alternatives, either by name or by the number listed. If any of your five choices are unavailable, we will substitute it with one of your requested alternatives, if available. Orders will be filled only to seed availability; if a seed is no longer available or if its alternative is also no longer available, we will only send those seeds that we still have, even if it is still listed here. The list of available seeds will be updated as frequently as possible but it is not a live status of the current inventory. Seeds are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis and once they’re gone, they’re gone. All orders will be mailed out through Canada Post to help make everything as contactless as possible.

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to the seed swap.

The Seed List

Seeds marked as [LQ] have very limited quantities (5 packets or fewer)

Vegetables and Herbs

Seed #Plant NameDescription
4Beans – BushMartini (Green)
5Beans – Pole [LQ]Blue Lake (Green)
7Beans – PoleMixed Varieties (Italian, Purple and Scarlet Runner)
9Borage [LQ]HERB
10Brussels Sprouts [LQ]Catskill
16DillHERB – Mid Summer to Mid Fall
36 inches
19Ground CherryTasty, cherry-sized fruit grow
inside papery husks
21Kohlrabi [LQ]White Vienna, Heirloom, 55 days
22KohlrabiPurple Vienna, Heirloom, 60 days
23Leek [LQ]Large Musselburgh, Heirloom, 90 days
24Melon [LQ]Red Seeded Citron, used for preserves
25Melon [LQ]Sugar Baby
30Pepper [LQ]California Wonder (Green)
32PumpkinBaby Pam Pie, 2-4 lbs
long handles, dark orange,
smooth tough skin
33PumpkinLarge, orange
34Rutabaga [LQ]
35RutabagaJoan, organic, sweet flavour,
long season crop
36RutabagaAmerican Purple Top
39Butternut Squash
40Honeynut Squashminiature butternut
41Kabocha SquashOblate shape, dark orange flesh
43Minighetti Squash [LQ]
44Spaghetti SquashPale yellow
45Turban Squash [LQ]Orange with yellow, white and
green striations, mild
46Turnip [LQ]Purple top with white globe
47TurnipRed, round


Seed #Plant NameDescription
48Camp Joy [LQ]CHERRY – Heritage 2 bite, Heirloom
Red, sweet, 1oz
49Fox [LQ]CHERRY – Indeterminate, large cherry
52Tiny TimCHERRY – Dwarf Plants, 1in bright red, early
53Tsungshigo ChineseCHERRY – Indeterminate, small, reddish-chocolate
55AzoychkaIndeterminate, Heirloom, Yellow, very early
56Big Boy [LQ]Indeterminate vine, large, aromatic, 10-14oz
58Black Sea ManDeterminate, Heirloom, Brownish Pink, mid-size
60Fargo Yellow Pear [LQ]Indeterminate vine, 6-10ft, Heirloom
61PaolaIndeterminate, small, round, red
62Pineapple [LQ]Heritage, bi-colour beefsteak
65Rio Grande [LQ]Determinate, meaty, pear-shaped, deep red
67Rumi BanjanOrange/Red, small, flattened, slightly ribbed
69Striped CavernIndeterminate, red with orange striping, used for stuffing
71Unknown VarietyYellow, medium size

Flowers – Annuals

Seed #Plant NameDescription
74Calendula [LQ]Radio, Orange
79Forget-me-not [LQ]MAY BE INVASIVE
84Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella)
85MarigoldTall Mixed
86Marigold [LQ]Small
90PoppyMAY BE INVASIVE – Mixed
94Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) [LQ]4-6ft

Flowers – Perennials

Seed #Plant NameDescription
99Bergamot (Monarda) [LQ] MAY BE INVASIVE, Lemon
100Blackberry Lily
101Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) [LQ]MAY BE INVASIVE
102Catmint (Nepeta) [LQ]
104Columbine [LQ]Pink/Yellow
107Echinacea [LQ]Rubinstern (Ruby Star), Pink
108HollyhockMixed Colours
110Joe Pye Weed [LQ]
113Showy Milkweed [LQ]
114Sweet Pea (Vine)Pink
115Turtlehead [LQ]Pink

Flowers – TOXIC Annuals

Seed #Plant NameDescription
116Cypress Vine [LQ]

Other, or “SURPRISE ME”

Seed #Plant NameDescription
120Vegetable & Herb Surprise MeIncludes tomatoes
121Flower Surprise MeAnnual OR Perennial
Does not include Toxic plants

Your personal information will be used only to mail you seeds requested through the above form and will not be saved or used for any additional purposes.